"Fikes Wholesale has always provided me with guidance and good service. They have helped me provide a good product offering to my customers and they are always responsive to my needs. They also provide assistance in preparing for Exxon’s Mystery Shops. It is my goal to serve my customers well and I want my scores to reflect our hard work. Thanks, Fikes Wholesale!"

Naushad Prasla
"The employees at Fikes Wholesale are so easy to work with. Anytime I have a question or problem I can get an answer 24/7.  During development of my site we had to work with a tight lot. Fikes assisted with the layout and provided valuable assistance to help throughout the building process.  Now that we are up and running they continue to provide good service. We are very happy that we chose Fikes Wholesale."
Adam Issa
"The employees of Fikes Wholesale are professional, honest, straight forward, always there when needed, passionate & love their work. When I was ready to build a new store in 2005, I asked Fikes Wholesale for help because I had no idea where to start. For two years, their team did everything they could to help - from picking out the brand to connecting me with the various contractors. The end result was building one of the top convenience stores in Texas. If it was not for the Fikes team, this is wouldn't have been possible. Fikes is a great partner that I can rely on. It's really enjoyable to work with such a great team."
Ahmad Suleiman
"As a customer of Fikes Wholesale, I have been totally satisfied with the service I have received.  On several occassions I have neglected to order a load of fuel, when I needed it, and had to call in for an short notice load.  I have always received my fuel and have always been treated with respect and have been given the feeling that my business is appreciated. To me, customer service is job number one and I receive excellent customer service from Fikes Wholesale."
Mike Rowland



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