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Fikes Wholesale, Inc.

Quality Fuel Supply
With fuel availability at 82 supply racks across the southeast United States we provide product to your site at the best cost. In most markets Group Petroleum Services, a Fikes-owned transport company, will deliver your fuel in a safe, professional and efficient manner.
We market quality fuel products supplied by Chevron, Citgo, Clark, ExxonMobil, Alon, Flint Hills, Shamrock, Shell, Texaco, Valero, and CITGO branded products. We are "brand specialists”, which allows us to assist you in matching the best refiner brand to your site and operation

Fikes Wholesale, Inc. supports refiner programs and promotions through effective communication and training. These programs enhance your business and help you maximize site profitability. They are designed to promote the brand and maintain the consistency that often sets you apart from your competition.

If your site and strategy supports an unbranded offering, we can serve you quality fuel at a more economical price that meets or exceeds current EPA requirements. Additionally, Fikes Wholesale, Inc. offers private label branding opportunities through our Food Fast brand.
Quality Fuel Brands